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Court Marriage in Ghaziabad
Court Marriage in Ghaziabad

Court Marriage in Ghaziabad
Court Marriage in Ghaziabad


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Court Marriage In Delhi
Same Day Court Marriage in Ghaziabad

Court Marriage in Ghaziabad

Are you a resident of Ghaziabad and willing to organize your court marriage with your partner? Well, if yes then you should have the proper knowledge about the things required for doing court marriage in Ghaziabad. In this discussion, we're going to discuss all things which you need to organize your court marriage in Ghaziabad.

Benefits of Court Marriage in Ghaziabad 

Marriage Certificate is a very essential document which you must need if you're doing a marriage through Arya Samaj. This can protect you from any kind of misstatement and sue by the bride's family.

If you complete your marriage registration then your marriage will be valid all around the world and it can't be challenged by anyone. So, if you still not apply for your marriage registration then go and apply now. You can also contact us to help you with it.

All the major benefits of court marriage in Ghaziabad are listed below:- 

       Economical :- Court marriage is economical which doesn't require any large amount. You can easily manage your court marriage in Rs. 5000-8500/-

       Simple Process :- The process of court marriage is very easy. You just need the required documents available at that time.

       Time-saving :- Court marriage is a quickly done activity that can be completed easily in just 3-4 hours.

       Global recognition :- You'll get your marriage Certificate which is globally recognized.

So, these are some major benefits of court marriage. Now, let's discuss the documents which are required during court marriage in Ghaziabad.

Court Marriage in Ghaziabad | Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad | Tatkal Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad

Documents Required

All the documents which are required for court marriage in Ghaziabad are listed below:-

       A notice is required which is signed by the SDM and duly signed by the Bride and the groom who's preparing for their court marriage.

       Address proof of girl and boy is also required. They should be residents of Ghaziabad.

       Age proof of both parties is required. Both the parties must reach their maturity age. 

       Passport size photos of both the parties are also required for court marriage in Ghaziabad.

       The availability of 2 witnesses from 1 each is required with their ID proofs

       Receipt of fees slip which is paid with the form in the district court.

So, make sure that your must-have these documents while you're preparing for court marriage in Ghaziabad.

There are two types of acts in court marriage in Delhi 1. Hindu marriage act and 2. Special marriage act Act. So, let's discuss the procedure of marriage in Ghaziabad in both acts.


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Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

According to this act, you have to follow the steps listed below to get your marriage done:-

       Firstly, arrange all the documents required (listed above).

       Now, book your appointment in any mandir which is registered with the state government.

       Make availability of Mala and Mangalsutra.

       Follow the Marriage procedure and the certificate our marriage will be presented to you by the mandir at the same time.

 Same Day Marriage Registration Ghaziabad | Same Day Court Marriage in Ghaziabad


       This marriage will be done under the Supervision of Registrar.

       Only Hindu will be eligible for this marriage.

       You'll get a same-day marriage certificate.


Special Marriage Act, 1954

See the below content to know the procedure of this marriage:-

       Go to the marriage registrar's office.

       Verify all your documents.

       Availability of witnesses must be required.

       The registrar asks for the consent of both parties and issues a marriage certificate.



       This marriage is for the parties who belong to different religions.

       This marriage is done under the supervision of the registrar.

       You'll get a same-day certificate under this marriage act.


So, here we discussed all the details of court marriage in Ghaziabad. But, to complete your court marriage in Ghaziabad you have to complete your marriage registration.


Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad 

Tatkal Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad

If you're willing to organize your court marriage then you must complete your marriage registration. Marriage registration acts as proof of your marriage which legalizes your marriage according to law. This shows that the marriage will be done with the consent of both parties without any conditions.

Marriage registration is very important for all types of marriage whether it is religion or inter-religion marriage. It acts as proof that can be used at the time of passport verification.

So, let's discuss the documents required for marriage registration.

       A marriage card of both parties is required in marriage registration.

       As the address proof, both the parties must have an Aadhar card/Passport.

       A passport size photo of both parties is also required.

       The witness is also required with their address proof.

       For marriage registration in Ghaziabad, both parties should be a resident of Ghaziabad.

Note : The whole procedure of marriage registration charges the total cost of Rs.5000/-

So, these are the documents that should be available at the time of marriage registration.

If you're willing to organize your marriage then you must have an expert lawyer who had a great experience in this work. We are happy to help you with the most memorable event of your life with our high professional services.

Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad | Marriage Registration Ghaziabad | Marriage Registration Ghaziabad Online  

Why Choose Us?

We had great expertise in court marriage procedures. We completed more than 100 court marriages which provide us the level of expertise in this work. We are happy to be a part of the most memorable event of your life. You can easily contact us through various mediums like Phone number/Whatsapp/E-mail etc.


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The reason behind the compulsory registration of marriage is to make society strong by

  • Giving both parties (husband and wife) equal rights.
  • For availing the right of heritage.
  • Curbing child marriage.
  • Avoid fraud marriages.


Till the couple remains in the relationship, the marriage certificate is valid.

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