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Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi 

People think that divorce is just paperwork that can be done within some time and paying the required amount. Well, it is much different from this. People generally apply for a divorce when they're not comfortable with their partner and want to be separate in life. Many divorce cases are also seen whether a partner is treated as a victim and faces physical, mental, and sexual asylum. These are throat-reported cases, especially in Delhi. If you're living in Delhi and want to know everything about Divorce then you're at the right place. We not only provide knowledge about Divorce but also guide you as a friend so that you can do what is better for you. We also guide you so that you'll easily get the Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi. So, if you're searching for Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi or the Best divorce lawyer near me then you're clicked on the right page.


Generally, people think that divorce is just a divorce which is considered a process where the couple wants to live separately from each other. Well, this is not the complete truth. Divorce is available in many laws and conditions. So, let's start our discussion by discussing the different conditions of Divorce.


Divorce Through Mutual Consent


Divorce through all consent is done when both parties are ready to separate from each other with 100% consent.  In this condition, the court will give them the time of a year where they have to live separately from each other for more than a year. When both the people will decide to process the application of divorce then the court will allow them and hence they'll get divorced. This type of divorce is easy to complete because in this condition the mutual consent of both parties will allow. Well, many things should create problems in divorce like children's custody and properties, otherwise, those of divorce will complete easily. You must have the Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi.

 Note : 

  • If the content will be withdrawn by a party no matter where husband or wife after the completion of 18 months of lease period then the count will decline to proceed with the application of divorce. So, the mutual consent of both parties will be important for a successful divorce.
  • Mutual Divorce Lawyer fees in Delhi  Under Rs.10000-12000


Contested Divorce  

This type of divorce can be claimed by one of the parties to others where a wife or a husband will complain to their partner and ask for the competition of divorce. This tensor contested divorce will be done without the mutual consent of both parties. Contested divorce attains 11 standards and out of which 5 grounds are highly specialized. To get a divorce from their partner a victim has to prove the 5 exclusive grounds against him. If they become successful in proving the grinds then the court will allow for a contested divorce. If you're willing to know about these grounds the see the content below:-

 Contested Divorce Fees Approx. Rs.18000 - 25000/- 


If one of the partners is victimized by mental or physical cruelty then he/she can apply for a contested divorce. Make sure that you have the evidence so that you can prove that you're cruel to your partner. You must be hiring the Best Divorce lawyer in Delhi to enhance the chance of success.



In the provision of Hindu divorce law, it is considered that if a man is doing adultery which means having sexual intercourse outside of their marriage is an offense. It is a criminal offense where the court will also apply other charges to the man. With the offense of Adultery, a woman can ask for a divorce from the court, and without having mutual consent they'll get a converted divorce by the court.



Deserting is also a reason for having a divorce without the mutual content of both the partners. If a spouse is starting deserting others without having a reasonable cause then the partner can file divorce against him. Christians are not allowed to apply for divorce for this reason.



If a spouse changes their religion then the other spouse will also apply for divorce. This is a reasonable reason for having a contested divorce by the court. Make sure that you have to prove that your other house changes its religion. Hiring the best divorce lawyer near you which helps you to get quick results.


Mental Disorder 

A mental disorder is a serious matter where you can apply for divorce. If one of the partners is having a mental disorder then it becomes dangerous to live with this. In this case, a victim can easily apply for Divorce in Delhi.  

Renunciation : If a man or woman is announced that he's going to take sanyas then and prove it then the court will immediately proceed to the application of contested divorce. 

Presumption of Death : if a person is not seeing for a long time then the continuing partner will easily claim for divorce which will be granted by the court when proved. 

So, these are the different conditions where one of the partners will be divorced from their other partner. Having contested divorces you must have a well-experienced highly professional lawyer.

Note : Why insist on having the best lawyer in Delhi ?

Many lawyers are just lawyers for having a degree but if you want to have a fast and effective divorce facility then you have to take the service of a dedicated lawyer who is passionate and professional in their work. This type of lawyer attains high-level knowledge and has the required experience to deal with this type of case.

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Things you should take care of while having a divorce

The effects of divorce are conditional which are specified differently to every individual. When you're getting divorced from your partner then you should take care of many aspects which affect your life badly.

       Property : when you're filing divorce stains your partner then don't forget that you have the right and share in their property. So, it is your right and you should take it seriously. This will be beneficial for the security of your future.

       Bank Accounts : If you and your partner are running a joining account then before the completion of your divorce make it separate.

       Child custody : This is the most important thing which you and your lawyer should take care of before the competition if divorce. Usually, if the child is below the age of 12 years then custody will be given to the mother. But, the father can claim to have custody of the children.

       Alimony :  Alimony is a type of consideration in the language of divorce where the spouse can claim to have the consideration for the protection of their future. (See Note. 3)

 So, make sure that your lawyer and you have a serious talk about the Things which are discussed above.

 Note 3 : Alimony

Some conditions of Alimony decide whether the wife is going to have alimony or not.

  • The court will see the financial condition of the husband. If the financial condition of the husband is good and the wife is doing a job then also she'll get alimony.
  • If the wife is not earning them the husband has to ensure the proper standard of living of their family to his wife.
  • If the wife is remarried to another gluten she'll lose the right to having Alimony.
  • The wife has the right to ask for Alimony no matter whether the husband is earning or not.


Documents required to apply for Divorce ? 

Before applying for divorce you must assure the availability of all the required documents which are used in the process of divorce. See the below content to know about the required documentation for divorce:-


       Make sure that you must have your Marriage Certificate.

       Address proof of both husband and wife is required.

       Availability of Address proof of matrimonial house is also required.

       If the spouse is working then the salary slip is required.

       Bank account details of both the partners are also required.

       Other documents like assets and other properties, medical, and certificates are required.


So, make sure of the availability of these required documents before applying for a divorce.


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