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Same Day Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi Ncr & Ghaziabad

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Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi NCR & Ghaziabad

Muslim marriage which is denoted with the bake "Nikah" in Islam is a free consent agreement between bride and groom. This contract is described as 4:21 in the Quran. Muslim marriages are not executed under the provisions of any act like the Indian Majority Act, 1875. Nikah is executed under the provision of Muslim Law


Features of Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi

The rituals of Muslim marriages are different as compare to any other religious marriage. Some of the main features related to Muslim court marriage in Delhi NCR are listed below:-

        Muslim marriages attain proposal ritual which is called ljab and Qubul (as Acceptance).

        No Muslim marriage is possible without the existence of consent and it should attain the availability of afraid and undue influence events.

        In Muslim marriage law, A minor can also perform the marriage. When Muslims are performing Nikah then there is not the foundation of minority age rules which are described under Majority Act, 1975.


Same Day Muslim Court Marriage in Ghaziabad 


The Procedure of Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi Ncr & Ghaziabad

Every person which belongs to the Muslim religion will have to follow the below-listed procedure to complete their Muslim Court marriage in Delhi NCR. Follow the steps below:-

        Firstly, both bride and groom have to visit the court and take the form. Both the parties will have to fill the form and place their sign on it.

        Once the form is filled the couple will have to arrange all the necessary documents which are required in the completion of Muslim court marriage in Delhi.

        After collecting all the documents, the couple has to submit a separate Affidavit. This Affidavit should list the date of marriage and other details of the bride and groom.

        A couple will also have to place the certificate of marriage from the priest only if the marriage in dis in a solemnized place.

        Marriage invitation cards are also required as proof of marriage.

        If one of the parties comes from another religion then he/she have to convert to the Muslim religion and then only the further process will start.

        When both the parties come from the Muslim religion then they can perform nikah with the acceptance of their families.


Documents Required

There are some documents, which should be available for Muslim court marriage in Delhi and Muslim court marriage in Ghaziabad.

        The documentary evidence of the date of the birth of both the parties is needed for age proof. Parties can show their Matriculation certificate, Birth certificate, and passport as their Date of birth proof.

        The minimum age of both the parties is required to reach at the time of court marriage which is 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys under the special marriage Act.

        For residential addresses, both parties will have to show their ration card.

        2 passport-size photographs are required with the availability of 1 marriage photograph for identification.

        In the case of Divorce, the divorced person has to show their divorce certificate.

        In the case of widows and widower, the other party will have to show the death certificate.


Note : - For the person who comes from other religions like Hindu, Sikh, and Christians, availability of a Conversion certificate is required. The conversion certificate should be authorized by a Muslim priest.


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