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Court Marriage in Gurgoan | Gurgoan Court Marriage | Court Marriage Gurgoan


Court Marriage in Gurgaon
Court Marriage in Gurgaon 

Court Marriage Registration in Gurgaon : Procedure, Documents Required, Fees & Certification


Court marriage is a legal way of completing the marriage between 2 parties which are supervised by the court. In India, there are various acts also active to maintain the rules and regulations which are set by the law so that the court marriage between 2 parties will get executed according to the law. 

In court marriage, there are 3 types of parties (1) The parties who are willing to get married (Bride and groom), (2) The marriage registrar has the authority to check and validate the marriage application, and (3) The witnesses who're the eye suspect of the marriage. 

India has people with many religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Budh, Jain, etc. The rules and regulations of court marriage are the same for all but then they can perform their marriage according to their rituals.  It is a beauty of our country to provide equal heritage to every religion in court marriage. 

Completing a court marriage is a lengthy process, yes it is easy to do but you have to arrange plenty of documentation and fulfill various kinds of eligibility. Also, you have to complete the procedure as directed by the court and jurisdiction of the nation. 

This is the motive of this discussion, to narrate the most precious information regarding the court marriage in Gurgaon. So, if you're living in Gurgaon and willing to get married then you have to arrange the list of documents. A highly professional court marriage lawyer who is working under a reputed court marriage associate fulfills the eligibility, completes the procedure of court marriage in Gurgaon, and lastly applies for marriage registration.  

In this discussion, we're going to tell you how you can easily complete your court marriage in Gurgaon and apply for marriage registration. So, if you're from Gurgaon and willing to know everything about court marriage in Gurgaon you're at the best place. Just stick with this discussion and you'll get everything you want.


Same Day Court Marriage in Gurgaon
Same Day Court Marriage in Gurgaon


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Court Marriage in Gurgaon 

Court Marriage is a legal way of completing a marriage that is supervised by the jurisdiction of the nation. If 2 parties are willing to get married no matter whether they have different castes or different religions will get married and get the global recognition of marriage by the jurisdiction of the nation. 

The couple will get global recognition and a dedicated certificate directly from the court. This document is called the Marriage certificate. Also, Court marriage is less costly and can be completed under a low price range. So, if you want to be economically safe then court marriage is a better option for you. Not only this, but it is easy to process which attains some facilities and document verification prices to get completed. So, if someone is selecting the completion of court marriage in Gurgaon then we can say that the couple will enjoy the related benefits accordingly. 

To complete the court marriage the parties will have to fulfill some eligibility marked by the court. If any of them doesn't complete the eligibility and is found guilty then all the possible legal actions will be taken regarding the guilty person.

Marriage Certificate in Gurgoan | Tatkal Marriage Certificate in Gurgoan


Eligibility for applying of Court Marriage in Gurgaon

These loyalties are set by the government and it is directed that the eligibility should have to be fulfilled by all the parties to complete the marriage. See the eligibility below.


     According to the law of the nation, it is directed by the court that 2 parties will get married only if they have crossed the legal age of marriage. The legal age of marriage which is set by the government for a male is 21 years. It means for competing for the marriage the male party should have to prove that he has crossed the age of 21 years. Likewise, the female party will have to ensure the legality of marriage which is 18 years.

     The next eligibility is address proof. The parties who are willing to get married in Gurgaon should have to prove that they have residency in Gurgaon. If they live in another district they're not eligible to apply for their marriage in Gurgaon. So, at least one of the parties should have to ensure residency in Gurgaon.

     Both parties should be sound minds and take the decision consciously. If it is found that the marriage is done forcefully, and due to undue influence then the marriage becomes void and the guilty person faces the legal consequences.

     Consent is the most important element which you should have to execute the court marriage in Gurgaon. Both parties are engaging in the marriage with their full consent. 


So, these are the eligibility that every couple should follow to complete the court marriage procedure in Gurgaon.



Documentation in Court Marriage in Gurgaon

There is a complete list of documents that are required for the completion of court marriage in Gurgaon. There are 2 categories of documents that are used in court marriage 1. Compulsory documents and 2. Specified documents/conditional documents. Compulsory documents are compulsory to submit to the court. These documents are identified as verification documents. Specified documents or conditions documents are only required in a conditional situation. Let's see both of them.


Compulsory documents


Application form


The application form is available in the court. You can also download the form and print it on the official website of the district court of Gurgaon. Under this form, the couple will have to fill in their details like their name, address, age, etc. The details that are provided in the application form must be truncated and verified. The application must attain the photographs and signatures of both parties.


Age proof documents


Age-proof documents are one of the most important documents which are required by the court for verification of the age proof of both parties. According to Indian law, a man is only eligible to get married if the man has crossed the legal age of 21 years. Likewise, the minimum age of marriage for a girl is set to 18 years. To verify the age of the parties, the marriage registrar asks for age-proof documents. 

PAN card, Passport, Matriculation certificate, Driving license, birth certificate, etc are the best age-proof documents. You can show any of them to the marriage registrar for verification purposes.


Address proof


For completing the court marriage in Gurgaon, one of the parties will have to show residency in Gurgaon. For proving their residency the parties will have to show their address proof documents. 

Some of the major address proof documents are Aadhar cards, passports, Driving licenses, Electricity bills, rent agreements, etc.




1 witness from each side is compulsory to be available during the marriage. The availability of witnesses ensures the availability of eye suspects in the marriage. Witnesses can be anyone like Family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. They also have to bring their Local ID proof for completing the verification of the witness.




2-3 photographs are asked of the couple at the time of court marriage. The photographs are guided to be available in passport size and the background of the photo should be red, blue, or white. 

These are the compulsory documents that you have to submit on a compulsory basis for completing the court marriage in Gurgaon. Now, let's discuss the documents which are conditional and only required in a specified condition.


     If one of the parties is a widow and spouse then the death certificate of the dead partner will have to show in front of the court.

     In the case of a divorced person, the dedicated divorce certificate which is issued by the court should be present in front of the marriage registrar.

     In case your parents are not available for the marriage then the requirement of a dedicated affidavit is necessary to issue in the court which would be signed by the couple.

     In case of foreign partner wants to get married to an Indian, the foreign party will have to show all the documents like VISA and other documents. 

So, here we have discussed the detailed list of documents that are used for completing the court marriage in Gurgaon. It's time to discuss the process of court marriage in Gurgaon.


The Procedure of Court Marriage in Gurgaon


The procedure of court marriage in Gurgaon is easy to do. You just have to hire a reputed court marriage lawyer who is engaged with highly reputed court marriage associates. The whole procedure of court marriage in Gurgaon is listed below:-


     Firstly, the couple will have to hire a court marriage associate for their work and take a counseling session regarding court marriage in Gurgaon. You can also book your appointment with our highly professional and expert lawyers at the most affordable prices.

     Now, the couple will have to visit the court and get the application form. The application form is available in the court or you can get it from the official website of the district court.

     Fill the form with the genuine details and attract all the other documents which we have already discussed in the above section.

     Now, visit the court with your bride and lawyer and be silly for your court marriage. The marriage registrar will verify your documents and announce the 30 days Objection period.

     You have to wait for 30 days and after completion of the 30 days, you have to revisit the court. The marriage registrar will again verify your documents and complete some extra formalities.

     After completing formalities and documentation, the marriage registrar will complete the marriage.


Once the marriage is completed then the party will get the marriage certificate which is evidence that the marriage is done by the court and got global recognition from the court.


So, here we have discussed the complete mechanism of completing court marriage in Gurgaon. Now, we must say that completing your court marriage from Gurgaon is not enough. Don't think that you're done and you don't have to do anything else.


The completion of marriage registration is still yet to complete. Marriage registration is one of the most documented processes which every couple should get performed after completing the marriage. This plays the evidence role which exactly proves that the marriage is done with full consent of both the parties and it is fully legal.

Note : How does marriage registration protest you ? (Case study)


In 2018, our associates faced a case study where 2 persons completed their marriage with full consent but Mr. X forgot to complete the marriage registration process. The bride of Mr. X cheated on him due to the pressure of family and undue influence. The other party filed the case against Mr. X that Mr. X had forcefully committed the marriage with her partner.

Mr. X doesn't have the marriage registration certificate and he has to face plenty of legal consequences and also pay compensation to his partner.



In this case, if Mr. X has completed their marriage registration then he can easily prove that their marriage is done with full consent. A marriage registration certificate is issued by the SDM of the district. SDM self-verifies that the marriage is done with the sent of both parties and if the party has a marriage registration certificate no one can do anything against him.


Marriage Registration in Gurgoan | Tatkal Marriage Registration in Gurgoan


The Procedure of Tatkal Marriage Registration in Gurgaon


The procedure of marriage registration in Gurgaon is easy to do. You just have to follow all the steps which are listed below:-


     Firstly, you have to arrange all the documents like Address proof, Age proof, Witness, Marriage certificate, photos, etc, and visit the court.

     The application form for marriage registration is available in the court or you can download it from the official website of the court.

     So, get the form and fill it with verified and genuine details. Make sure to stick the photographs of both parties and also place signatures on them.

     Now, visit the SDM office and make an appointment with the SDM and marriage registration officer.

     The SDM will verify all the documents and ask some questions to the couple. You just have to answer all the questions correctly and consciously.

     After verifying all the details the SDM will proceed with your application and your marriage registration will get completed easily.


Your marriage registration certificate will get issued to you. You just have to take care of the marriage registration certificate and hence the complete scenario of court marriage in Gurgaon will get completed.


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So, we have a detailed discussion on court marriage & marriage registration in Gurgaon. We try to explain every single aspect which is helpful for our customers. If you want to know more about court marriage and marriage registration in Gurgaon but don't know any source then you can book your appointment with us. 

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